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Jenette Merilion - Concept Garden Design

Welcome to the online home of Concept Garden Design, the garden design company run by the popular garden historian and horticultural speaker Janette Merilion.

At Concept Garden Design we aim to show you how your garden can become one of the most precious parts of your home. It can certainly be the most beautiful but, it can also offer a personal space in which to relax, play, dine or entertain. The value of a garden can never be underestimated. It really is an extension of your home and says as much about you as the building itself. A survey carried out by one of Britain's top estate agents found that properties with beautiful gardens not only sold more quickly but also increased in value by as much as 25%.

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Home owners who want to redesign their gardens, can save both time and money by calling in a garden designer, who will plan the space according to your requirements and the limitations of the site.

Concept Garden Design provides a highly experienced service for anybody requiring a professional garden designer. The company provides a range of services from design and construction to planting and aftercare maintenance advice.

Drawing upon many years' of experience in all aspects of landscape garden design and horticulture, our projects are imaginatively designed, combining traditional or modern materials with exciting and stylish practical planting.

Why Concept Garden Design is perfect for your garden:

To create your perfect garden we listen carefully to you to enable us to understand your exact needs and wishes. We will also discuss who uses the garden, when you use the garden, along with your specific likes and dislikes and any practical requirements such as timescale and budget.

Although based in Lincolnshire, we also cover the nearby counties.

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