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Planting advice from Concept Garden Design

Design Process


Planting plans
Carefully selected schemes from individual borders to complete gardens. Drawn to scale and detailing plant positions, botanical names and quantities required, based upon ultimate size.

Plant supply and planting service

When hard landscaping is complete Concept Garden Design can source the plants and do the planting for you. With strong connections to local, regional and national nurseries we buy direct from the grower. Locally grown plants perform better as they are acclimatised to the local environment and also keep costs to a minimum. If you prefer you can get involved or you can do the planting yourself.

Plant care
Should you need a little guidance on how to maintain your new garden, we can compile a maintenance plan for you. Presented in booklet form, it covers what to do, where and when on a month-by-month basis. From planting to pruning, weeding to feeding, this guide covers everything you need to know, to help you look after and enjoy your new garden.

After care and maintenance
As the garden develops, it is often useful to consult the designer again for further suggestions, to extend or modify the planting or to give advice on pruning. Clients often favour a Spring and Autumn visit, to wake the garden up and to put the garden to bed with all the necessary pruning being carried out on both occasions. It aims to be instructive as well as supervisory, so that clients can learn the necessary skills, under guidance for them to gain confidence to work unsupervised.

For inspiring ideas for planting plans, 
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